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KRIS Big River: Chart Table Page

Area Lower Big River
Topic Amphibians: Little North Fork Captures by Electrofishing, 1993-2000

Caption:  The chart table HTCFISH_8TOT.DBF contains capture data from electrofishing the Little North Fork Big River site BIG8. Species codes are as follows: CO = Coho Salmon, SH = Steelhead Trout, SB = 3-Spined Stickleback, CS = Coastrange Sculpin, PS = Prickly Sculpin , SC = Sculpin Spp, LP = Lamprey Spp., CR = Ca. Roach, SQ = Sac. Squawfish, SU = Sac. Sucker, PG = Pac. Giant Salamander, CN = Ca. Newt, RB = Red-bellied Newt, RN = Rough-Skinned Newt, BF = Bullfrog, PF = Pac. Tree Frog, RF = Red-legged Frog, TF = Tailed Frog, YF = Yellow-legged Frog, CF = Crayfish.

 50 rows of a possible 59 have been displayed.

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