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KRIS Big River: Chart Table Page

Area Upper Big River
Topic Sediment: Matthews Landslides Volume Delivered, Upper Basin 1921-2000

Caption:  The Chart Table slides_vol_tons_period_ub.dbf is from the Source table, derived from Matthews and Associates (2001) Table 19 and contains delivered sediment volumes (tons). The SUB_BASIN is the Matthews sub-basin naming convention and the years (ie. Y1936) are the year of the aerial photos used in the analysis. Each period of analysis spans back to the previous aerial photo year. See Info Links for more information.

 50 rows of a possible 59 have been displayed.
Upper Mainstem BigUPPER_MAIN-403490271868348575466665068829949ub
Martin CreekMARTIN-123057188716429013200547655434334ub
Lower Mainstem BigLOWER_MAIN67301348263741193523008242558260960ub

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