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KRIS Garcia River: Chart Page

Area Basin-wide/General
Topic Fish: 1996-1997 Garcia Trib Spawning, Redds/Reach Mile
Caption:  This chart shows the number of redds observed per mile in spawner surveys in the South Fork Garcia and Signal, Inman, Mill and Pardaloe creeks from December 1996 to April 1997. Although individual live coho salmon or carcasses were sighted in the South Fork Garcia, Inman and Signal creeks, most redds referred to above likely reflect steelhead spawning. The bars differential streams and early season (December-January) versus late season spawning (February-April). Mill Creek and Pardaloe Creek had the highest number of redds per reach mile, similar to 1995-96. Inman Creek had the lowest number of redds per mile in both 1995-96 and 1996-97. High water flows and turbidity may decrease efficiency of surveys and December 1996 and January 1997 were very wet, which may partially explain low counts during that period. Data are from Maahs (1997). See InfoLinks for more information.

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