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KRIS Garcia River: Chart Table Page

Area Basin-wide/General
Topic Fish: 1998-1999 Garcia Trib Spawning, Redds/Reach Mile

Caption:  The chart table fish_spawn_gar_maahs_98_99.db contains spawner survey data collected by Maahs (1999) in the Garcia River watershed from December 1998 to March 1999. See InfoLinks for more information. Column headings begin with data type, followed by time period. A key to column headings: Reach_length = Total number of miles, Surveymiles = Total survey miles (miles of each survey summed), Num_surveys = Total number of surveys, Live_fish = Total number of live fish observed, Redds = Total numbers of redds observed, Tag_steelhead = Total numbers of steelhead tagged, Fish_p_smi = Total numbers of fish observed per survey mile, Redds_p_rmi = Total numbers of redds observed per reach miles.

 50 rows of a possible 265 have been displayed.
Blue Waterhole CreekBlue Waterhole2.23.82.521219120.530.44.090.45
East End CreekEast End0.250.250100-1-00040
Flemming CreekFlemming0.270.541.6260106000.63022.22
Horace's Cabin CreekHorace's Cabin0.330.681.4242241002.941.4312.1230.3
Inman CreekInman1.11.12.1120101000.4800.91
Lee CreekLee0.801.60200-000000
Mainstem Section 1Mainstem
Mainstem Section 3Mainstem 311-10000-00000
Mill CreekMill3.46.81725118103310.151.062.949.71
Pardaloe CreekPardaloe1.537.5259391320135.28.6713.33
South ForkSouth Fork26103500627300313.5
Stanbury CreekStanbury0.7500.750100-000000
Unnamed CreekUnnamed0.200.20100-000000
Whitlow CreekWhitlow12222021300113

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