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KRIS Garcia River: Chart Table Page

Area Lower Garcia / Estuary
Topic Aquatic Inverts: Ten Most Abundant Species Below ATT Spill

Caption:  The Chart Table bugs_below_att.dbf shows the results of kicknet insect samples taken in the mainstem Garcia River below the ATT drilling mud spill upstream of Windy Hollow Road. The number of insects in the sample of the ten most abundant taxa (SPECIES) of aquatic insects are shown (NUMBERS). Data collected by aquatic entomologist John Lee on behalf of Friends of the Garcia River.

 50 rows of a possible 169 have been displayed.
Optioservus sp.231
Serratella levis215
Gumaga sp.63
Hexatoma sp40
Zaitzevia parvul26
Baetis sp.16
Heptagenia sp.14
Narpus sp.11
Antocha monticol11

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