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KRIS Garcia River: Chart Page

Area South Fork Garcia
Topic Habitat: Embeddedness Values for Fleming Cr. 2002
Caption:  This chart shows the results of a 2002 Fleming Creek habitat typing survey with relative embeddedness of spawning gravel taken at pool tail crests. The California Department of Fish and Game (1998) recognizes that embeddedness should be less than 25% for optimal salmonid spawning habitat. While 13 measurements indicated optimal spawning gravels, eight showed moderate quality, 14 impaired habitat and 12 very poor conditions. The unsuitable category was added to surveys in 1998 and may be as a result of exposed bedrock or inundation with fine sediment. Data collected by Elizabeth Earthman and Jennifer Presnell of the Americorp Stewards program under the direction of the California Department of Fish and Game. See InfoLinks for more information and a link to CDFG reports.

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