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KRIS Gualala : Chart Table Page

Area Buckeye Creek
Topic Sediment: V* From Grasshopper Creek, 1992 #2

Caption:  The chart table "grasshopper_VStar.dbf" contains values from Knopp (1993). See Info Links for more information. Data provided by the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board. See Info Links for more information. V* is in percent. A V* of 50% means half of the residual pool is filled with fine sediment. Field definitions are as follows (for best viewing, use the "F7" key): REACH = Reach number established by Knopp (1993) NAME = self explanatory SHORT_NAME = self explanatory YEAR = self explanatory POOL_NUM = self explanatory POOL_VOLUME = volume of the residual pool in cubic meters SED_PCT = the percent of mobile fine sediment in the residual pool (V*) WATER_PCT = the percent of water in the residual pool V_STAR_W = the average percent of sediment in the reach weighted by pool volume (V*w)

 50 rows of a possible 60 have been displayed.
46Fuller CreekFuller1992192_110.373.8626.1459.05
46Fuller CreekFuller1992292_23.131.3568.6559.05
46Fuller CreekFuller1992392_33.6256.9743.0359.05
46Fuller CreekFuller1992492_41.3731.3368.6759.05
46Fuller CreekFuller1992592_53.8454.7845.2259.05
46Fuller CreekFuller1992692_62.1556.8743.1359.05

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