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Area Basin-wide/General
Topic Fish: Presence/Absence of Coho Salmon Central Coast ESU 1999
Caption:  This chart shows the findings of field surveys (Adams et al., 1999) to determine the presence or absence of juvenile coho salmon within the Central California ESU in streams that were known to harbor coho historically. The ESU extends south of the Mattole River to Santa Cruz, including some San Francisco Bay tributaries. Thirty-six percent of Mendocino streams surveyed lacked coho while 72% of Sonoma streams surveyed lacked coho. The loss of coho salmon from tributary basins and portions of large rivers shows fragmentation of coho populations and a warning sign for declines toward extinction according to the authors. Absence data is provisional pending more extensive study, because coho may exist but occur only in some years. See Info Links for more information.

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