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KRIS Gualala : Chart Table Page

Area Basin-wide/General
Topic Sediment: D50 from Knopp for Sites in or near Gualala 1992

Caption:  The Chart Table knopp_gua_small.dbf captures data from Knopp (1993) that measured sediment at 60 locations throughout northern California. To learn more, click on the Info Links tab.

 50 rows of a possible 60 have been displayed.
Little Lost Man CreekL_LostMan4225.574.5
Russian GulchRussianGl4132.767.3
Fuller CreekFullerCr4336.663.4
Grasshopper CreekGrasshopper3759.140.9
Little RiverLittle_R4822.477.6
Caspar Cr., SF above weiSF_Casp_U2754.845.2
Caspar Cr., N.F. above wNF_Casp_U3340.459.6
Caspar Cr., N.F. below wNF_Casp_L5226.673.4
Caspar Cr., SF below weiSF_Casp_L3721.778.3
Elder CreekElderCr1837.192.9
Berry GulchBerryGl2937.562.5
Bunker GulchBunkerGl2640.959.1
Hare CreekHareCr2937.262.8
Noyo R., N.F. of S.F.NFSFNoyo3634.665.4
Brandon GulchBrandonGl3618.181.9
Parlin CreekParlinCr3730.869.2
Little Juan CreekLJuanCr3356.643.4
Greenwood CreekGreenwood3748.751.3
Navarro River, N.Br. ofNBNFNavarro4258.441.6
Pudding CreekPuddingCr2475.224.8
Ten Mile , SFSFTenMile5226.973.1
Kass CreekKassCr3760.439.6
Big Salmon CreekBigSalmon187723
Churchman CreekChurchman2873.426.6
Garcia River, N.F.NFGarcia5540.259.8

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