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KRIS Gualala : Chart Table Page

Area Basin-wide/General
Topic Sediment: V* Knopp Results for Two Reaches in Gualala River, 1992

Caption:  The Chart Table "Knopp_Gulala.dbf" displays the values from a 1992 survey of five stream metrics in the Gualala basin. See the source table for data from 60 streams in NW California. V* is in percent. A V* of 50% means half of the residual pool is filled with fine sediment. Field definitions are as follows (for best viewing, use the "F7" key): REACH = Reach number established by Knopp (1993) NAME = self explanatory COUNTY = self explanatory HUC = Hydrologic Unit Code number CATEGORY = disturbance category, Index Yes or No refer to historic management ACRES = self explanatory SLOPE = study reach slope in percent RASI = Riffle Armor Stability Index (see Knopp (1993) for more information) D50 = the diameter (mm) of the 50th percentile particle from three 200 pebble counts VSTAR = the proportion (%) of fine sediment in the residual pool WATER = the proportion (%) of water in the residual pool PNUM = the number of pools in a 1000m survey reach PFREQ = the total length (in meters) of pools in a 1000m reach COVVOL = wood cover divided by wood volume in percent WDCOV = the area (m^2) of wood cover in the 1000m reach WDSUBST = the area (m^2) of substrate change caused by wood in the 1000m reach WDVOL = = the volume (m^3) of wood cover in the 1000m reach S/V = substrate change divided by wood volume SEDEQL, SED123 = rapid sediment budget values from different algorithms See Info Links for more information. Data provided by the North Coast Region Water Board.

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45Fuller CreekMendocino13.84High28323.4804336.663.435491.37429420.76739501348866
46Grasshopper CrMendocino13.83High12262.4883759.140.965454.38948461.05185238301644

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