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KRIS Gualala : Chart Page

Area North Fork
Topic Habitat: Percent Types by Length of NF Gualala Reaches 2001
Caption:  The California Department of Fish and Game habitat surveys in the North Fork Gualala basin in 2001 provide a summary of habitat types by length, which is displayed above. Habitats have been condensed into four basic types: pools, riffles, flatwater and dry channel. Pool frequency is in the optimal range in the North Fork where higher pool frequency might be expected due to larger stream order (5th Order). The Little North Fork and Dry Creek Trib #1 show pool frequencies of approximately 40%, still within the optimal range for salmonids. Doty Creek and Robinson Creek, however, had pool frequencies of around 20% and Dry Creek only 25% pools. Extensive dry reaches in the North Fork Gualala basin also indicate poor conditions for salmonid rearing. Survey lengths vary; therefore, please consult Topic Habitat: All Gualala Reach Lengths or see the Chart Table. See Info Links for more information.

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