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KRIS Gualala : Chart Table Page

Area North Fork
Topic Habitat: Embeddedness of NF Gualala Reaches 2001

Caption:  The Chart Table hab8_gualala_reaches.dbf contains summary data from Gualala reaches surveyed by California Department of Fish and Game in 2001. Field definitions are as follows (use F7 for optimal viewing): SURV_LNGTH survey length in feet REACH reach number for stream in sequence beginning at downstream CHAN_TYP Rosgen channel type BFW bank-full channel width CHAN_LNGH reach channel length in feet RIFFW_WDTH mean width of riffle and fastwater units WATER_HI maximum recorded water temperature during survey period PCT_POOL percent survey length as pool habitat PCT_DRY percent survey length as dry channel PCT_RIFFW percent survey length as riffle or fastwater habitat PLSGT3FTD pools greater than 3 ft deep PL_SHELTRAT mean shelter rating in pools PCT_CT1 Percent length by dominant channel type CHN_TYP2 Rosgen channel type subdominant P_C_CHNT Percent of surveyed length of channel type C P_SCPL_L Percent scour pools by length P_SCPL_A Percent scour pools by area P_LWDP_L Percent large-wood formed habitat by length P_LWDP_A Percent large-wood formed habitat by area RFL_ML_FT Mean length of riffle units RIFL_PCT Percent riffle habitat by length FLW_ML_FT Mean length of flatwater units FLT_PCT Percent flatwater habitat by length PL_ML_FT Mean length of pool units POOL_PCT Percent pool habitat by length DRY_ML_FT Mean length of dry units DRY_PCT Percent dry habitat by length MCP_PCTL Percent main-channel pool habitat by pool length SPL_PCTL Percent side-channel pool habitat by pool length BWP_PCTL Percent backwater pool habitat by pool length PDEP_PLT2 Percent of pools with maximum depth less than 2 ft PDEP_2T3 Percent of pools with maximum depth 2-3 ft PDEP_PGT3 Percent of pools with maximum depth greater than 3 ft SHLTR_AVG Average shelter rating EMBED_L1 Percentage of pool tails with embeddedness rating 1 EMBED_L2 Percentage of pool tails with embeddedness rating 2 EMBED_L3 Percentage of pool tails with embeddedness rating 3 EMBED_L4 Percentage of pool tails with embeddedness rating 4 EMBD_AVG Average embeddedness rating CAN_CONIF Percent of stream banks covered by coniferous canopy CAN_DECID Percent of stream banks covered by deciduous canopy

 50 rows of a possible 60 have been displayed.
NORTH FORKNORTH FORK GUALALA51NFMain Channel Only7/24/01-59452789-3.574346396653313801747998359433.3113.2618.3817.4411.5613.2120.0266.720.0578.6360.2438.5230.2947.3721.3720599220201.462.8830.376.7507.71051.6913.8401.0728.19
DRY CREEKDRY CREEK42NFMain Channel Only8/3/01-11161217-0.1368962792942638473014307.219.645.541.25013.6325.4825.0235.6657.3935.9164.0936.7820.6142.61452640181.56034.675.3301.72018.975.90.154.7324.7
LITTLE NORTH FORKLITTLE NORTH FORK GUALALA33NFMain Channel Only6/20/01-20761552-1.164280892427286391021114710210.8618.389.582.380.4113.4642.7242.980.8392.7851.8842.7239.6348.137.2210813721021.740.651.57.8907.24028.6612.61.287.9441.8
ROBINSON CREEKROBINSON CREEK31NFMain Channel Only7/24/01-7819203-0.286676149176149132402116.5711.330.450.230.4924.8428.3319.0727.7767.3865.2832.4221.8443.9832.6292514102.118.3751.0228.572.043.16011.757.050.2713.2269.8
DOTY CREEKDOTY CREEK22NFMain Channel Only7/11/01-6434204-1.065474131965112438206109.435.282.470.28033.429.4720.516.6394.4249.3450.4347.6146.595.58314301232.95.0823.7350.8520.341.59015.843.820.166.1737.78
DRY CREEK TRIB. #1DRY CREEK TRIB. #122NFMain Channel Only8/15/01-269584-0.1365381006381006181730015.2519.043.040030.9130.8337.33059.1947.551.7930.6528.1240.81131040111.748.1537.0414.8102.78030.396.60.33642.58
MCGANN CREEKMCGANN CREEK21NFMain Channel Only8/2/01-198010--592582580200002.930005.713.642.9387.7376.259.9340.0730.5345.6723.8002003001000002.930005
LOG CABIN CREEKLOG CABIN CREEK21NFMain Channel Only8/3/01-169850--6014144141441310007.770.7100034.8142.348.4811.01------491001.828.5764.297.140007.131.3500-

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