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KRIS Gualala : Picture Page

Area North Fork
Topic USFS Riparian Tree Size Classes: NF Comparison 1994

riparian_nf1994_sm.jpg 141K  Click on image to enlarge (141K).  Click here to display a larger version (247K).

The image above shows riparian tree size within 90 meters of either side of the North Fork Gualala and its tributaries derived from a 1994 Landsat data. While the upper North Fork (Billings Creek Calwater) may have naturally high components of small diameter trees and Non Forest due to bedrock geology, the young age of the riparian forest in the western North Fork basin is in part owing to timber harvest. Natural open canopy conditions in the upper basin leave the stream open to warming but small diameter trees in the western basin also promote warming and indicate a lack of potential large wood for recruitment into the stream for salmonid habitat. Taken from the KRIS Gualala Map project.

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