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KRIS Gualala : Chart Table Page

Area Rockpile Creek
Topic Timber Harvest: Percent Harvested Rockpile Creek Calwaters 1991-2001

Caption:  The Chart Table thp_rc_cw.dbf is derived from the Source Table KRISTHPSumm.dbf, which came from timber harvest plan maps provided by the California Department of Forestry. Data were derived in ArcInfo by summing individual areas for THPs approved in 1991-2000. See Info Links for more information.

 50 rows of a possible 60 have been displayed.
Lower Rockpile CreekLowRockpileRC12601289.71269319.4--235170.7-247736.3-1036572.2128250.3818940.6609892.71742037----6689209119340000.56
Middle Rockpile CreekMidRockpileRC74891376.5193903.8745303.2-547537.633913.395908.1-149866.7-21093.5-5051490.9212837.7-612363.1-12555594329949000.38
Red RockRedRockRC9973483.6306509.6--43272.2193573.3235634.2-2659682.912435.6-622.62652390.7----707760589901000.79
Upper Rockpile CreekUpRockpileRC44202760.5695030.9--501898.7-375695---342229.2-1223372.72322.0---7343309366399000.2

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