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KRIS Gualala : Chart Page

Area South Fork
Topic Temperature: Yearly MWATs for Main/South Fork Watershed Celsius
Caption:  The chart above shows the maximum floating weekly average water temperature (MWAT) for all automated temperature probes placed in the South Fork Gualala River from 1994 to 2001. Station location codes are pw = Big Pepperwood Creek, sf = South Fork Gualala River, gua = mainstem Gualala and mck = McKenzie Creek. Readings indicate that Big Pepperwood and stations gh250 and gh277 are fully supportive of salmonids (50-60 F). All other stations are moderate to highly impaired with regard to salmonid suitability. Mainstem Gualala station gua 217 appears to show a pattern of increasing temperature. See Info Links for more information. Data provided by Gualala Redwoods, Inc. and the Gualala River Watershed Council.

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