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KRIS Gualala : Chart Table Page

Area South Fork
Topic Sediment: D50 Values for Gualala Main and South Fork Basin

Caption:  The Chart Table SFCSD50.DBF is derived from median particle size (D50) distribution information filed with timber harvests by Gualala Redwoods Inc., extracted by North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board staff and entered into Excel and then saved as a DBase IV file for use in KRIS. See Info Links for more information.

 50 rows of a possible 614 have been displayed.
-23-2322GUAL #217 CS1SF Bl Pepperwood 1
-31-2513GUAL #217 CS2SF Bl Pepperwood 2
-21-2521GUAL #217 CS3SF Bl Pepperwood 3
32----PW #219 CS1Up Pepperwood 1
52----PW #219 CS2Up Pepperwood 2
32----PW #219 CS3Up Pepperwood 3
303925--PW #218 CS1Low Pepperwood 1
303433--PW #218 CS2Low Pepperwood 2
334836--PW #218 CS3Low Pepperwood 3
14-18--SFG #402 CS1SF Valley Crossing 1
10-25--SFG #402 CS2SF Valley Crossing 2
16-16--SFG #402 CS3SF Valley Crossing 3

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