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KRIS Humboldt Bay: Map Page

Area Basin-wide/Regional
Topic Map: O. Fish Distribution, Humboldt Bay
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This is a map shows the distribution of salmonids in the Humboldt Bay Basin. Chinook and steelhead distribution were obtained from NOAA. Potential coho habitat was calculated from stream gradient. Gradients less than or equal to 4 percent from the outflow were selected and saved. Any gradient steeper than 4% served as a cutoff for any further potential migration up stream. These data are preliminary only, and were produced with the understanding that coho salmon are able to leap greater than 4% for short distances. Therefore, the data are considered conservative estimates.

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Name of Layer in Map LegendMetadata File Name
Project Outline Unavailable
Humboldt Bay Unavailable
Potential Coho Habitat Based on Stream Gradient coho_hab.shp.txt
Chinook Distribition (NOAA) cc_chin_distribution_08_2005_utm.shp.txt
Steelhead Distribution (NOAA) nc_steelhead_distribution_08_2005_utm.shp.txt
Gray Hillshade (30 meter Resolution) [TIFF] grayshade30m.tif.txt
Pacific Ocean Unavailable
State of California Unavailable

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