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KRIS Humboldt Bay: Chart Page

Area Elk River
Topic Aquatic Insects: Richness Index Elk River 1994-96
Caption:  Richness is a measure of aquatic insect diversity with higher scores reflecting a healthier community. Harrington (1999) ranked diversity of communities as being high when total taxa exceed 36, but fewer than 26 species represents a non-diverse or unhealthy aquatic community. Elk River scores show a wide range with North Fork Elk River showing a less diverse community indicative of the presence of stressors and Little South Fork stations showing higher diversity and very good aquatic health. Click on Info Links for more information. data were collected by PALCO. Click on the Picture tab to see location maps for PALCO Elk River sampling stations and vegetation maps for the watershed. See Info Links to learn more about use of aquatic insects as indicators of aquatic ecosystem health.

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