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KRIS Humboldt Bay: Chart Table Page

Area Elk River
Topic Fish: Salmon Spawners SF Elk River 1986-1988

Caption:  The Chart Table erspwn.dbf is derived from CDFG salmon spawner counts for the Elk River. The number of fish is the actual count of spawning chinook and coho salmon. Because of considerable difference in counting effort, in part dictated by flow conditions, the data should not be used to estimate populations or to gauge trends. The year spans the fall and winter months of the spawning season. For example, the YEAR 86/87 would cover spawner counts from November 1986 to February 1987. COHONF = coho spawners in the North Fork, CHINOOKNF = chinook spawners in the North Fork, COHOSF = coho spawners in South Fork and CHINOOKSF = chinook spawners counted in South Fork.

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