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KRIS Humboldt Bay: Map Page

Area Jacoby Creek
Topic Map: F. USFS Riparian Vegetation Size, Jacoby Creek Sub-basin
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This is a map of 1999 USFS Landsat vegetation size data within 90-meter riparian buffer zones in the Jacoby Creek sub-basin. Reaches of streams flowing through grassland or open flatland often have Non-Forest riparian zones. This may be partially due to grazing and agricultural management practices, as well as urbanization. Data provided by the U.S. Forest Service Spatial Analysis Lab in Sacramento, CA. The vegetation classification is accurate at a one-hectare scale (approximately 11 pixels) and is suitable for stand classification.

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Name of Layer in Map LegendMetadata File Name
Sub Basins subbasins.shp.txt
Humboldt Bay Unavailable
Veg Size within 90 m of Streams [TIFF] vgszbuf99.tif.txt
Pacific Ocean Unavailable
TOPO Map Unavailable

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