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KRIS Humboldt Bay: Meta Information Page

This page contains detailed information about a data set in KRIS, including where the original data reside and how to contact the sources for the data. Data sets are linked to the appropriate page by means of the Meta Identifier. Many data sets can be linked to same page by sharing the same Meta Identifier.

Meta IdentifierVegType
Type of DataLandsat-derived vegetation data
OriginatorHSU Spatial Analysis Lab/USFS & CDF FRAP
DescriptionLandsat derived vegetation data for 1994 (HSU Spatial Analysis Lab) and 1999 (USFS Spatial Analysis Lab Sacramento/CDF FRAP)
AreaHumboldt Bay Tributaries
Metadata Date3/6/2006
Metadata ContactPat Higgins
Contact Person PrimaryDr. Paul Trichilo
Access Constraintsnone
Progress LogComplete.
Lead PersonPaul Trichilo
Lead OrganizationIFR KRIS Project
NotesData from HSU and USFS/CDF were assimilated by KRIS project and summaries of data were derived and displayed in KRIS Humboldt Bay.
Data Set Nameplseral3.dbf
Serial NameHSU Veg Covers
PurposeIndex of Disturbance, seral stage conditions, changes in vegetation
Data Quality InformationHigh
Use ConstraintsLandsat data has 30 M (HSU 1994) and one hectare (USFS/CDF 1999 and 1994-1998 change scene) scales, which limits some uses.
Supplemental InformationHSU also has data in WHR classes for same area and raw imagery from 1972, 1983, 1990 and 1994. See also Warbington et al., 1998 and Levien et al., 2002
Keywordsvegetation, Landsat
PublisherHSU Spatial Analysis Lab, Dr. Larry Fox
Publication PlaceHSU, Arcata, CA
Issue IdentificationVeg Conditions
TitleVegetation and Tree Size from 1994 Landsat (HSU), 1999 Landsat and 1994-98 change scene (USFS/CDF)
Other Citation DetailsFox and Carlsen, 1998
Storage LocationHSU/IFR
Contact OrganizationHumboldt State University Spatial Analysis Lab
Contact AddressHumboldt State University
Contact CityArcata
Contact StateCA
Contact Zip Code95501
Contact Voice Telephone(707) 822-5417