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KRIS Klamath : Chart Page

Area Lower Trinity/Basin-wide
Topic Fish: Basin-wide Steelhead Redds by Reach Recent and Historic
Caption:  This chart shows the number of Redds per kilometer for Hayfork Creek and other South Fork Trinity Tributaries for year 2000. It also shows historic data from the Steelhead Spawning Surveys of the Upper Trinity River System in 1964 (D.A. LaFaunce) and in 1971 (D.W. Rogers). The 2000 data are from the California Department of Fish and Game Spawning surveys for winter-run steelhead conducted March 1 through June 30, 2000. The reaches in Km for historic data vary from the 2000 data, see chart. The 1971 survey shows that there had already been a sharp decline in steelhead spawning since 1964. This could have been an anomalous year, but surveys in 1972-1974 of other tributaries in the system show this general trend. Steelhead run size is highly variable from year to year, but the data gathered over the last 40 years in the Trinity basin shows the general trend that steelhead run sizes and natural production are diminishing. This year proves no different, with steelhead returns that are highly variable between creeks, but lower overall. Click on Info Links for more information.

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