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Area Lower Trinity/Basin-wide
Topic Fish: Horse Linto Fall Chinook Redds 1980-2002

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Horse Linto Creek egg incubation box being examined by Kerry Overton, Six Rivers National Forest biologist, during April 1982 field review by the California Department of Fish and Game. CDFG and the Pacific Coast Federation of Fisherman's Associations (PCFFA) were cooperators with the USFS on the Horse Linto Creek rearing project.

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This graph shows the age structure of adult spawners seen in Horse Linto Creek in 1998. According to Dutra and Thomas (1999) "The five-year-old, 1993 brood year Chinook, was the last batch of fish released from the hatchery before its closure in 1994." The weak contribution of four year olds is thought to be linked to high flows in 1995, which diminished recruitment (see Info Links). The low contribution of jacks (2 yr olds) may reflect poor recruitment of the 1996 brood due to the January 1997 storm. A second influence could be El Niņo conditions in the ocean in 1998. Chart taken from Dutra and Thomas (1999), a Six Rivers National Forest report on adult Chinook spawner counts.

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