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KRIS Klamath : Chart Page

Area Middle Klamath
Topic VegType: Elk Creek Watershed 1994
Caption:  The chart above shows vegetation types and timber size classes by acre of the Elk Creek watershed as derived from a 1994 Landsat image. The Landsat image was classified using the WHR method by the Humboldt State University Spatial Analysis Laboratory then modified for use in KRIS (see Info Links). The headwaters of Elk Creek are at high elevations (4,000-8,000 feet) in the Marble Mountain Wilderness. The high component of small trees (6-11" diameter) and shrub-small trees (<6") may be in part owing to extensive fire damage in 1987 and previous silvicultural history. Classes include: Very Large Trees = 36" in diameter or greater, Large Trees = 24-36" in diameter, Medium Trees = 11-24" in diameter, Small Trees = 6-11" in diameter, Small Trees/Shrubs = Trees 1-6" in diameter and shrubs, Shrubs, Grass, Rock/Soil, Marsh/Meadow.

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