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KRIS Klamath : Chart Table Page

Area Middle Klamath
Topic Fish: Fall Chinook Bogus Creek 1978-2002

Caption:  The Chart Table bogusfc.dbf shows fall Chinook salmon spawning escapement from 1978-1995 for Bogus Creek and was derived using the filter and build table functions in KRIS from the Source Table fchspawn.db. ADULTS are fish that are at least 3 years old (2+ years in the ocean) while GRILSE are fall Chinook salmon that are of a smaller size having spent just one year in the ocean. Data were entered by Kier Associates staff from the annual California Department of Fish and Game "Klamath River basin fall Chinook salmon run-size, harvest and spawner escapement" report.

 50 rows of a possible 68 have been displayed.
Bogus Creek197865149285579
Bogus Creek197949454445938
Bogus Creek1980174933215070
Bogus Creek198191227303642
Bogus Creek1982232548187143
Bogus Creek198333527133048
Bogus Creek198446530393504
Bogus Creek1985115634914647
Bogus Creek1986118461247308
Bogus Creek19871208974810956
Bogus Creek19882251621516440
Bogus Creek198944422182662
Bogus Creek199053732785
Bogus Creek19912012611281
Bogus Creek19925565981154
Bogus Creek199343132853716
Bogus Creek199461975858204
Bogus Creek199510023133332335
Bogus Creek199637796229999
Bogus Creek1997221980910030
Bogus Creek199820566306835
Bogus Creek1999262835376165
Bogus Creek20003733467835051
Bogus Creek20016481192712575
Bogus Creek20023051752917834

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