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KRIS Klamath : Chart Table Page

Area Middle Klamath
Topic Temperature: MWAT at Many Middle Klamath Tribs, by Year 1997-2002

Caption:  The Chart Table "temp_md_knf_mwat_97_02.dbf" was derived from the Source Table "tempraw_klam_usfs_knf_97_02.db". It contains maximum floating weekly average temperatures by site and year for all tributary sites in the Middle Klamath sub-basin for the years 1997-2002 from a temperature database provided by the Klamath National Forest and the Karuk Tribe. MWAT is the maximum point on floating weekly average topics (FWA) for each individual site. KRIS staff derived the Chart Table using KRIS, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Access. A key to column headings: SUBBASIN = KRIS sub-basin, SHORTNAME = A label given to sites by KRIS staff (LWR = lower, Mid = middle, Upr = upper), LOC_ID = a Unique ID from Klamath National Forest original MS Access database, Location = Name of stream and description of the monitoring site location, YRS_RECORD = The number of MWATs for a site, which is the number of years in which data were collected for the majority of the summer months, MWAT16PT8: The number of the years in which data were collected when MWAT exceed 17.8 C, MWAT_17: The number of the years in which data were collected when MWAT exceed 17.0 C, MWAT_19: The number of the years in which data were collected when MWAT exceed 19.0 C, MWAT_AVG_C = The average MWAT at a site. Calculated as the sum of all MWAT_YY_C fields divided YRS_RECORD, MWAT_MAX_C = The maximum MWAT at a site. The highest MWAT in any year at a site, MWAT_YY_C (ie. MWAT_01_C) = MWAT calculated by KRIS staff for each year in degrees Celsius.

 50 rows of a possible 639031 have been displayed.
Middle KlamathCamp_Lwr7Camp Creek\1/2 mile upstream of mouth6some yearssome yearsnever18.1818.7418.7218.7416.7918.4418.4217.94
Middle KlamathDillon_Lwr10Dillon Creek\300 feet upstream from mouth6all yearsall yearssome years20.2621.0120.3421.0118.3220.9120.2720.72
Middle KlamathElk_Mid14Elk Creek\5 mile bridge6all yearsall yearssome years19.5620.4919.4619.2417.6820.0220.4920.47
Middle KlamathSlate_Lwr45Slate Creek\300 feet upstream of mouth6some yearsnevernever16.641716.8616.9715.821716.6916.48
Middle KlamathSeiad_Lwr53Seiad Creek\under HWY 96 bridge1all yearsall yearsnever18.8218.82----18.82-
Middle KlamathWalker_Lwr54Walker Creek\under HWY 96 bridge2all yearsall yearssome years18.7319.2118.24---19.21-
Middle KlamathThompson_Lwr55Thompson Creek\under 18N02 bridge2all yearsall yearsnever17.3117.4917.13---17.49-
Middle KlamathIndian_Mid56Indian Creek\at USGS Gaging station2all yearsall yearsall years20.3221.02---19.6121.02-
Middle KlamathGrider_Lwr57Grider Creek\50 feet upstream of 46N66 Bridge6some yearssome yearssome years18.2419.0519.0518.0416.5318.4918.9618.36
Middle KlamathClear_Lwr59Clear Creek\near mouth, 150 ft upstream of pvt bridge5all yearsall yearsall years20.8621.1420.6120.69-21.1121.1420.75
Middle KlamathIndian_Lwr65Indian Creek\under second bridge in downtown HC2all yearsall yearsall years19.9720.3320.33--19.61--
Middle KlamathIrving_Lwr166Irving Creek\200 feet upstream of highway 961nevernevernever15.1815.1815.18-----
Middle KlamathRock_Mid68Rock Creek\0.6 miles from mouth near 13N13 bridge1nevernevernever16.7916.7916.79-----
Middle KlamathBluff_Lwr89Bluff Creek\Bluff Creek at mouth under Hwy 96 Bridge6all yearssome yearsnever17.8118.2318.1518.2316.8818.0617.8817.68
Middle KlamathBeaver_Lwr118Beaver Creek\just dwn strm rt 96 br4some yearssome yearsnever17.6618.8918.1516.9716.6318.89--
Middle KlamathWF_Beaver_Lwr119West Fork Beaver Creek\500 m upstream of mouth5nevernevernever15.2516.0416.0415.6114.3516-14.25
Middle KlamathCow_Mid120Cow Creek\500m dwn strm of Long John Ck4nevernevernever13.2514.0913.5913.1512.15--14.09
Middle KlamathGrouse_Lwr121Grouse Creek\at mouth of Monte Cr2nevernevernever14.0714.6514.65-13.48---
Middle KlamathHungry_Lwr122Hungry Creek\100m upstream of mouth4nevernevernever14.1414.6614.4514.3413.1214.66--
Middle KlamathHumbug_Lwr123Humbug Creek\500m downstream of Trail Gl3some yearssome yearsnever16.8418.97-16.3415.21--18.97
Middle KlamathMF_Humbug_Lwr124Middle Fork Humbug Creek\1/4 mile upstream from mouth1nevernevernever15.2115.21--15.21---
Middle KlamathHorse_Lwr125Horse Creek\at Forest Service Bndy3nevernevernever15.6416.24-16.2414.77--15.92
Middle KlamathSeiad_Mid132Seiad Creek\at mouth of Canyon Creek1nevernevernever15.2315.23-15.23----
Middle KlamathBuckhorn_Mid133Buckhorn Creek\S. line Sec 341nevernevernever14.1714.17-----14.17
Middle KlamathHorse_Mid134Horse Creek\100m below forks1nevernevernever14.4214.42-----14.42
Middle KlamathBeaver_Mid135Beaver Creek\500 m below forks1nevernevernever16.7816.78-----16.78
Middle KlamathMiddle_Mid136Middle Creek\North West FS Bndy Sec 321nevernevernever14.9114.91-----14.91
Middle KlamathCamp_Mid137Camp Creek\200 ft downstream of third creek6some yearssome yearsnever16.1317.7416.1916.314.7715.9717.7415.81
Middle KlamathBluff_RM_6.85138Bluff Creek\RM 6.85 at Dragon's Bar5nevernevernever16.1816.64-16.4715.1616.6416.4416.2
Middle KlamathAikens_Lwr139Aikens Creek\RM 0.104nevernevernever15.9916.28--15.5815.9816.2816.11
Middle KlamathRed_Cap_Lwr140Red Cap Creek\RM 0.10 near Allen Creek6all yearsall yearssome years19.4920.5320.0419.9717.2119.9820.5319.21
Middle KlamathPearch_Lwr141Pearch Creek\RM 0.10 at Pearch Cr. campground4nevernevernever15.3815.61--15.0115.6115.3715.53
Middle KlamathRed_Cap_RM_9.20152Red Cap Creek\RM 9.20 at Schnable Diggings6some yearssome yearssome years17.2119.7919.7917.2415.5516.7917.0216.85
Middle KlamathElk_Lwr153Elk Creek\located near mouth of stream1all yearsall yearsall years20.820.8---20.8--
Middle KlamathIndependence_Lwr154Independence Creek\located near mouth/Karuk1all yearsall yearsnever18.8918.89-----18.89
Middle KlamathUkonom_Lwr156Ukonom Creek\located near mouth/karuk1all yearsall yearsnever17.8117.81-----17.81
Middle KlamathRock_Lwr159Rock Creek\located near mouth/Karuk1nevernevernever16.4716.47-----16.47
Middle KlamathStanshaw_Lwr160Stanshaw Creek\located near the mouth/Karuk1all yearsall yearsnever17.1517.15-----17.15
Middle KlamathIrving_Lwr2161Irving Creek\located near mouth/Karuk1nevernevernever15.6515.65-----15.65
Middle KlamathBoise_Lwr1164Boise Creek\near mouth (Karuk)1all yearsall yearsnever17.1117.11---17.11--
Middle KlamathBoise_Lwr2165Boise Creek\900 feet upstream of the mouth6some yearssome yearsnever17.2217.7217.2117.5616.2417.2817.7217.31

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