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KRIS Klamath : Picture Page

Area Middle Klamath
Topic Tour: Post 1997 Flood: Elk Creek

elk1.jpg 95K  Click on image to enlarge (95K).

Elk Creek swelled during the January 1997 storm and caused partial failure of the USFS road that parallels Elk Creek, which can be seen at right. Photo by Pat Higgins taken as part of the Mid-Program Evaluation of the Klamath Basin Fisheries Restoration Program (Kier Assoc., 1999). Click on Info Links for more information. September 1997.

elk9.jpg 111K  Click on image to enlarge (111K).

Decomposed granitic sand deposit on an island in Elk Creek in a photo taken in September 1997. Notice the old culvert at right, which may have been deposited during the January 1997 storm. Photo by Pat Higgins.

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