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Area Middle Trinity
Topic Fish: Redds Steelhead by Reach Middle Trinity Survey 2000-01
Caption:  This chart shows the number of Redds per kilometer for steelhead in middle Trinity River tributaries for the 2000-2001 spawning season. The data are from the California Department of Fish and Game spawning surveys for winter-run steelhead conducted on tributaries of the Trinity River from March 1 through May 31, 2001. A total of 14 tributaries were walked, three or more times each, for a single pass total of 95.5 km. Only 29 adult steelhead were observed, and 37 redds were marked and recorded. No redds were found in the South Fork Indian or Dutch creeks on any survey. Steelhead run size is highly variable from year to year, and the data gathered over the last 40 years in the Trinity basin shows the general trend that steelhead run sizes and natural production are diminishing. Click on Info Links for more information.

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