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KRIS Klamath : Chart Table Page

Area Middle Trinity
Topic Fish: E-Fish Juv. Steelhead by Reach Middle Trinity Tribs 2001a

Caption:  The Chart Table efish_nt_2001.dbf contains data on the density of juvenile steelhead per square meter in the various tributaries of the middle Trinity River for year 2001. Two field seasons (2000 and 2001) of backpack depletion electrofishing have been completed on 22 index reaches on eight tributaries of the Trinity River in order to quantify juvenile steelhead densities during the low flow period of August through September. See previous topic for 2000 data. The Data contains the creek name (CREEK), the number of units sampled (UNITS), the area of habitat sampled in square meters (AREA_M2), young sub-yearling steelhead density per square meter (SH_0_M2), one year plus steelhead density per square meter (SH_1_M2), and total juvenile steelhead per reach per square meter (TOTAL_DENS). Click on Info Links for more information.

 50 rows of a possible 182 have been displayed.
EFNF Trinity121546.860.2330.0370.27MD
Little Grass Val14490.170.1350.0670.202MD

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