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Area Salmon River
Topic Temperature: Temp Max Crapo Creek Longitudinal 2000

n.russlon99.jpg 271K  Click on image to enlarge (271K).

This chart shows the maximum daily water temperatures in 2000 at four sites along North Russian Creek. The water temperature in North Russian Creek remained below levels stressful to Salmonids during the entire season. It appears that the water temperature above the South Russian Creek confluence was higher than that below, indicating South Russian Creek has a cooling effect on North Russian Creek. See Topic: Temperature:Temp Max South Russian Creek Bracket @ North Russian Creek 1999. Data were collected from automated temperature sensors called Hobotemps, which were anchored in flowing water in the shade between May and November 1999. Hobotemps were monitored by community volunteers and paid staff of the Salmon River Restoration Council. Data for this chart was derived from Chart Table NRULON99.dbf, which was filtered from Source Table Salmon99.dbf.

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