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KRIS Klamath : Chart Page

Area Shasta
Topic Fish: Juvenile Chinook Migrants 1986, 1987 and 1989
Caption:  The California Department of Fish and Game has operated downstream migrant traps in the Shasta River to learn more about the life history of Chinook salmon juveniles. Trap results can be influenced by high flow conditions. For example, the reduced number of downstream migrant Chinook salmon captured in the period ending April 1, 1989 could be in response to a rain event that took place in late March 1989. In mid-February 1986 a large storm event would have precluded effective trapping, so the zero value shown for February 1 and February 15 may be as a result of the inability to trap. The pattern of juvenile Chinook downstream migration in all years is that these fish have left the system by May 1 or at least cease downstream movement. An alternative hypothesis is that they avoid the trap as they increase in size. Much of the downstream migrant data has been collected as part of the Natural Stocks Assessment Program that is funded through the national Sport Fish Restoration Fund.

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