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KRIS Klamath : Chart Table Page

Area Shasta
Topic Conductivity: Avg & Max at Seven Shasta Locations 1988-92

Caption:  The Chart Table gwdocon2.dbf is derived from data provided by the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board. RMILE = the river mile of the collection point (see Source Table), AVGCOND = average of all conductivity readings taken at the site and MAXCOND = maximum conductivity readings at the site. For more information click the Info Links tab. Highway 263 = rm 7.25, Anderson Grade Rd. = rm 8, Ager/Beswick Rd. = rm 10.54, Highway 3 = rm 12.79, Montague/Grenada Rd = rm 15.17, A-12 = rm 20.99,East Louie Rd. = rm 31.86, Riverside Dr. = rm 37.73.

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