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KRIS Klamath : Chart Table Page

Area Shasta
Topic Dissolved Oxygen: Max/Avg at Seven Shasta Locations 1986-92

Caption:  The Chart Table gwdo.dbf is derived from the larger Source Table gwdocond.dbf and is based on data provided by Bruce Gwynne of the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board. RMILE is the river mile of the Shasta River above its convergence with the Klamath River. Highway 263 = rm 7.25, Anderson Grade Rd. = rm 8, Yreka-Ager Rd. = rm 10.54, Highway 3 = rm 12.79, Montague/Grenada Rd = 15.17, A-12 = rm 20.99, East Louie Rd. = rm 31.86, Riverside Dr. = rm 37.73. The columns MIN, AVERAGE and MAX are the minimum, average and maximum of all dissolved oxygen values collected by Gwynne by location.

 50 rows of a possible 316 have been displayed.

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