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KRIS Kootenai : Chart Page

Area Middle Kootenai
Topic Flow: Daily Average - Kootenai River below Libby Dam, MT - 1972-2001
Caption:  This chart displays daily average Kootenai River flows (cfs) below Libby Dam, MT. Flow rates are regulated by Libby Dam releases that have significantly altered the natural hydrograph. Augmented flow releases began in 1991 to mitigate impacts on sturgeon (Paragamian, et al, 2001). Flow data were measured by the US Geological Survey and spans water years 1972 through 2001. Flow data on the Internet is only viewable for the first year of record, while all years can be reviewed from a KRIS CD version. The entire data set is available, however from the Chart Table page. See Info Links for more information.

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