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KRIS Russian River: Chart Table Page

Area Coyote Valley
Topic Sediment: Road Densities for Coyote Valley Calwaters

Caption:  The Chart Table roads_russian_coyotevalley_24k.dbf, contains road data for Coyote Valley Calwater Planning Watersheds that are derived from roads as mapped at a scale of 24K by the USGS. These data were calculated by Dr. Paul Trichilo of the KRIS IFR staff. Column header definitions include: SHEDAREA_M = basin area (sq m), SHEDAREA_MI = basin area (sq mi), RD_LNGTH_M = total length of roads in basin (m), RD_LNGTH_MI = total length of roads in basin (mi), ROAD_DENS_MSQKM = road density of basin (m/sq km), ROAD_DENS_MSQMI = road density of basin (mi/sq mi), STM_LNGTH_M = total length od streams in basin (m), STM_LNGTH_MI = total length of streams in basin (mi), STMXINGS = number of stream crossings by roads in basin, XNGDENS_SQKM = stream crossing density by basin (crossings/sq km), XNGDENS_SQMI = stream crossing density by basin (crossings/sq mi), XNGDENS_MI_RD = stream crossing density by road mile, XNGDENS_MI_STM = stream crossings by stream mile.

 50 rows of a possible 126 have been displayed.
Adobe CrCoyote Valley13575660.0525.24217503.77210.8761289.352.075128067.95770.5161.3350.6440.88
Bevans CrCoyote Valley21454136.6978.28346629.13828.9742173.4333.4982937118.25160.7461.9320.5520.877
Boyes CrCoyote Valley23171583.068.94752344.31332.5252258.9873.6362349114.597150.6471.6770.4611.028
Burright CrCoyote Valley31149527.78412.02738557.17823.9581237.8091.9923567022.164100.3210.8310.4170.451
EF East CanalCoyote Valley10123866.4743.90915440.0679.5941525.1162.454116457.23690.8892.3020.9381.244
Guntley RanchCoyote Valley14229388.2065.49425000.26415.5341756.9462.8282101013.05570.4921.2740.4510.536
Lake MendocinoCoyote Valley31511616.73212.16758492.71736.3461856.2272.9874402727.357110.3490.9040.3030.402
Lower Cold CrCoyote Valley17634408.3436.80933593.32220.8741904.9873.0662258514.034170.9642.4970.8141.211
Mewhinney CrCoyote Valley35791404.67713.81930435.07718.911850.3461.3694958330.809170.4751.230.8990.552
Upper Cold CrCoyote Valley29508030.93711.39353626.66933.3221817.3582.9254038425.093301.0172.6330.91.196
Upper EF RussianCoyote Valley27367303.2910.56754847.54334.0812004.1273.2255443133.822351.2793.3121.0271.035
Williams CrCoyote Valley15455825.9765.96733519.07620.8282168.7023.491626110.104261.6824.3571.2482.573

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