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KRIS Russian River: Chart Page

Area Mark West
Topic Aquatic Insects: Mark West Creek Reaches Richness Index 1995-1996
Caption:  The California Department of Fish and Game conducted aquatic invertebrate studies of several Russian River tributaries that were recognized as having sufficient biological health to support salmonids. This chart shows the average number of species of aquatic invertebrates found in Mark west Creek reaches in 1995 and 1996. Communities with impaired health according to this index include reaches 1, 4 and 5 in various years. Three samples were taken at each location but values were averaged to attain the scores listed above. This Richness index gauges health by the diversity of samples and the reference values on the chart are those chosen by Harrington (1999). Note that the KRIS IFR project has added qualitative labels to these references to increase understanding of non-specialists but Harrington (1999) recommended that all metrics in combinations should be used to judge health (Russian River IBI)). See InfoLinks for more information.

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