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KRIS Russian River: Chart Table Page

Area Mark West
Topic Sediment: Road Densities for Mark West Calwaters

Caption:  The Chart Table roads_russian_markwest_24k.dbf, contains road data for Mark West Calwater Planning Watersheds that are derived from roads as mapped at a scale of 24K by the USGS. These data were calculated by Dr. Paul Trichilo of the KRIS IFR staff. Column header definitions include: SHEDAREA_M = basin area (sq m), SHEDAREA_MI = basin area (sq mi), RD_LNGTH_M = total length of roads in basin (m), RD_LNGTH_MI = total length of roads in basin (mi), ROAD_DENS_MSQKM = road density of basin (m/sq km), ROAD_DENS_MSQMI = road density of basin (mi/sq mi), STM_LNGTH_M = total length od streams in basin (m), STM_LNGTH_MI = total length of streams in basin (mi), STMXINGS = number of stream crossings by roads in basin, XNGDENS_SQKM = stream crossing density by basin (crossings/sq km), XNGDENS_SQMI = stream crossing density by basin (crossings/sq mi), XNGDENS_MI_RD = stream crossing density by road mile, XNGDENS_MI_STM = stream crossings by stream mile.

 50 rows of a possible 126 have been displayed.
Humbug CrMark West21879900.278.44859124.07336.7382702.2094.3493025918.802442.0115.2081.1982.34
Mark West SpringsMark West26890148.78710.38287322.42654.263247.3765.2262893617.98271.0042.6010.4981.502
Pool CrMark West89267461.20734.466336237.555208.9283766.6316.0629807260.9391141.2773.3080.5461.871
Porter CrMark West25187248.5279.72585833.41153.3343407.8125.4841863211.578210.8342.1590.3941.814
Upper Windsor CrMark West28091698.8210.84673393.7745.6052612.654.2052756517.128351.2463.2270.7672.043
Van Buren CrMark West32085266.98712.38885235.62752.9632656.5354.2753421021.257451.4033.6330.852.117

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