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KRIS Russian River: Chart Table Page

Area Mark West
Topic Temperature: All Mark West Sub-basin Sites, MWAT by Year 1997-2001

Caption:  The Chart Table temp_rus_mw_mwatchart.db contains maximum floating weekly average temperatures by site and year for all temperature data available for the Mark West sub-basin. Data were provided by Sonoma County Water Agency. MWAT is the maximum point on floating weekly average topics (FWA) for each individual site. KRIS staff derived the Chart Table using KRIS, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Corel Paradox, and the source tables tempraw_rus_scwa_97_01.dbf and tempsum_rus_scwa_98_01_daily.db.

 50 rows of a possible 126 have been displayed.
Mark West 121.0822.2220.8320.03--421.0422.22all yearsMW1Mark West Creek 1Pool Creek
Mark West 2-23.0422.2120.8322.67-422.1923.04all yearsMW2Mark West Creek 2Pool Creek
Mark West 3-22.4621.4921.222.6-421.9422.6all yearsMW3Mark West Creek 3Mark West Springs
Mark West 420.221.8120.3120.0422.59-520.9922.59all yearsMW4Mark West Creek 4Mark West Springs
Mark West 520.89-20.63---220.7620.89all yearsMW5Mark West Creek 5Porter Creek
Mark West 619.1721.6120.54-20.77-420.5221.61all yearsMW6Mark West Creek 6Humbug Creek
Mark West 718.39-18.7617.9618.03-418.2918.76all yearsMW7Mark West Creek 7Humbug Creek
Mark West 819.1419.8820.8318.8719.41-519.6320.83all yearsMW8Mark West Creek 8Humbug Creek
Mark West 918.2919.47-19.54--319.119.54all yearsMW9Mark West Creek 9Van Buren Creek
Mark West 10-18.3617.5718.9--318.2818.9all yearsMW10Mark West Creek 10Van Buren Creek
Mark West 11-15.8114.4715.0614.44-414.9515.81neverMW11Mark West Creek 11Van Buren Creek
Porter 121.321.6619.7719.3118.24-520.0621.66all yearsPORT1Porter Creek 1Porter Creek
Porter 218.1320.2821.1320.74--420.0721.13all yearsPORT2Porter Creek 2Porter Creek
Porter 3-22.7117.8717.6423.82-420.5123.82all yearsPORT3Porter Creek 3Porter Creek
Windsor 123.49-----123.4923.49all yearsWINDSR1Windsor-MW1Pool Creek
Windsor 220.27-----120.2720.27all yearsWINDSR2Windsor 2Pool Creek
Humbug 117.4418.1517.3717.0917.2-517.4518.15all yearsHUMBG1Humbug Creek 1Humbug Creek
Humbug 2-18.0917.218.3618.2-417.9618.36all yearsHUMBG2Humbug Creek 2Humbug Creek

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