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KRIS Russian River: Chart Table Page

Area Mark West
Topic Fish: Mark West Creek Hab Typing Related E-Fishing Results 2000

Caption:  Chart table "fish_efish_rus_scwa_siteyrspecies_99_01.dbf" compares the downstream ,migrant trapping records for catch, by species, for the East Fork Russian River surveyed by the California Department of Fish and Game. Columns list fish captured at each station followed by total for all reaches. See Meta Table for description of methodology.

 50 rows of a possible 290 have been displayed.
CA Roach7751---20231472400-12924925-
Lamprey Ammocoete985---263340130-303534-
Sac Sucker581---69115712-59--
3-Spine Stickleback104---1931534--104-
RR Tule Perch44----------
Redear Sunfish-----1-----
Green Sunfish4---190223----
Brown Bullhead-----1-----
PG Salamander13--294234----
Newt spp4---190223----
FYL Frog----2-1----
Bull Frog----2-1----

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