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KRIS Sheepscot Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) member list

The Sheepscot Valley Conservation Association and Institute for Fisheries Resources assembled a technical advisory committee (TAC) to assist in the development of KRIS Sheepscot. TAC members contributed data, helped prioritize data and documents for incorporation into KRIS Sheepscot, reviewed data contents, and collaborated in the development of hypotheses. TAC members include:

Name Affiliation
Alex Abbott U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service,
Maine Atlantic Salmon Commission
Marty Anderson NOAA-Fisheries
Barbara Arter BSA Environmental Consulting
Eli Asarian KRIS
Steve Brooke Maine State Planning Office
Mike Brown Maine Department of Marine Resources
John  Burrows Atlantic Salmon Federation
Paul Christman Maine Atlantic Salmon Commission
Kircheis Dan NOAA-Fisheries
Mary Ellen Dennis Maine Department of Environmental Protection
Kevin Dunham Maine Atlantic Salmon Commission
Melissa Evers Maine Department of Environmental Protection
Merry Gallagher Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
Stacy Gambrel Sheepscot Valley Conservation Association
Mike Herz Sheepscot Valley Conservation Association
Maureen Hoffman Sheepscot Valley Conservation Association
Patrick Keliher Maine Atlantic Salmon Commission
Bill Kier KRIS
Dan Kircheis NOAA-Fisheries
Levi Krajewski Sheepscot River Watershed Council
Brandon Kulik

Sheepscot River Watershed Council,
Branch Pond Association

Melissa Laser Antioch New England Graduate School,
Maine Atlantic Salmon Commission
Christine Lipsky NOAA-Fisheries
Mark Minton NOAA-Fisheries
Peter Newkirk Maine Department of Transportation
George Pretat Sheepscot River Salmon Club
Jeff Reardon Trout Unlimited
Torrey Sheafe Kleinschmidt
Tom Squires Maine Department of Marine Resources
Tom Squires Department of Marine Fisheries
Greg Stewart USGS
Mary Thompson U.S. Department of Agriculture
Joan Trial Maine Atlantic Salmon Commission
Robert Van Riper  Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
Mark Whiting Maine Department of Environmental Protection
Jed Wright U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service