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Photo Database Series Education- Outreach Efforts in the Watershed 2000-04

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The Sheepscot River Watershed Council worked with Wiscasset High School to build a kiosk for the Head Tide Dam parking lot. The MASC assisted with the installation of the kiosk. The kiosk provides information to passersby about Atlantic salmon, the smolt trap which is located at the site in the spring, the dam, and watershed organizations. Photo by M. Laser August 2001.

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An outreach tool often employed in the watershed is to engage students in restoration efforts. Here an Erskine Academy student shows students from Windsor Elementary how to plant a tree. Photo by M. Laser May 2000.

../bw/nas_sheep1.jpg + 27 KB   27 KB
It is not just the public that watershed organizations attempt to reach with outreach efforts. A National Academy of Science tour stops to talk about non-point pollution issues at a bridge in Whitefield. Photo by E. Baum 2002.

../bw/nascotour3.jpg + 139 KB   139 KB
NASCO also spent some time to better understand the issues in the watershed. Here they talk with NOAA Fisheries and the MASC about the smolt trap. Photo by M. Laser May 2002.

../bw/sheepscot_nursery_5.jpg + 88 KB   88 KB
This is a photo of Windsor Elementary students helping out at the tree bank. The students are mulching the trees. Photo by M. Laser May 2001.

../bw/smoltday6.jpg + 183 KB   183 KB
The Sheepscot Valley Conservation Association held an Earth Day Extravaganza in 2002 to provide the public with a chance to see the smolt trap in action. As you can see by this photo, plenty of curious onlookers attended. Jim Hawkes from NOAA Fisheries gave the children a close look at the fish. Photo by M. Laser May 2002.

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Volunteers are encouraged to help with fry stocking. Not only do they get to see the river up close but they also have a chance to see the salmon fry. Here volunteers stock fry in the upper West Branch in China. Photo by M. Laser May 2004.