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Photo Database Series Restoration- Culvert Replacements on West Br. tribs

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To fix the problem, the Town of Palermo replaced the rotting metal pip with a plastic pipe, used rock to protect the inlet and the outlet, and re-established a crown on the road. Along with the shaping the road, ditches were re-established to get the water off the road before it reaches the culvert. Fish passage is not an issue at this site. Photo M. Laser November 2001.

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Colby Brook is a small tributary in Palermo. The main concern on the brook is where the tributary crosses the Colby Road where sediment from the road entered the brook. Due to the culvert's location in the low part of the road and the shape of the road, the path of the runoff went directly over the top of the culvert. Photo M. Laser October 2001.

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As fish passage is an issue at this site, an elliptical culvert was used to replace the old round one. Photo by M. Laser September 2003.

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In order to decrease the steepness of the side slopes, the culvert length was increased to 90 feet. Rock was used to stabilize the slopes which will also be vegetated. Photo by M. Laser September 2003. More information on the project can be found under the Dearborn Brook Restoration Project photo tour.

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Dearborn Brook is a major tributary to the West Branch of the Sheepscot River in Windsor. This site is located where the Reed Road crosses the brook. The brook is in a confined area where the road crosses leading to 20 feet of fill over the top of the culvert with steep 1:1 slopes prone to erosion. The 36" culvert was perched on the outlet end about 2 feet from the stream bottom. Photo by M. Laser July 2001.

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In addition to the problems mentioned in the previous photo, the culvert was broken at the first joint. The culvert was 72 feet long. Photo by M. Laser July 2001.

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Wingood Brook is a slightly larger tributary in Windsor. Sediment is also the main concern at this site. This site is the upper most road crossing on the tributary. The Town of Windsor needed to upgrade the gravel road without replacing the culvert which was in good shape. Photo M. Laser May 2000.

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Gabion baskets were used to build head walls on the inlet and outlet to decrease the potential for erosion around the culvert. Ditches were re-established and lined with rock and the road was paved. The work at this site was completed in 2001, which was a severe drought year which is why there is no water visible in the stream channel. Resident trout are known to inhabit this brook and there are anecdotal reports of Atlantic salmon in the brook. Photo by M. Laser August 2001 taken as construction was being completed.