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Photo Database Series Historical Photos- 1950 Clary Lk (Pleasant Pond) Outlet

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../ms/clary_lake_dam.jpg + 51 KB   51 KB
Cleary Brook (Tributary to Sheepscot River). Flood control outlet of lower Chase's Mill Pond looking upstream. June 20, 1950.

../ms/clary_lake_gate.jpg + 52 KB   52 KB
Cleary Stream, Tributary to Sheepscot R. Control gate between upper and lower ponds at Chases mill, 1/4 mile above mouth. June 20, 1950.

../ms/clary_lake_mill_pond.jpg + 72 KB   72 KB
Cleary Brook, tributary to Sheepscot River at 11.5 miles above Alna Bridge. Chase Lumber Mill and lower mill pond from road bridge. Power inlet under mill; flood spillway at right. Impassable barrier. Dam approximately l/4 mile above Cleary Brook mouth. Sill operates on a 23'6" drop head. June 20, 1950.