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KRIS Battle Creek: Chart Page

Area Basin-wide
Topic Sediment: Median Particle Size (D50) at all Battle WA Sites
Caption:  This chart shows the median particle size (D50) from pebble counts at samples sites of Battle Creek tributaries measured as part of the Battle Creek Watershed Assessment. The reference lines on the chart are the EMDS model limits for D50 that represent optimal particle size ranges for salmonids. Low D50 values may represent sediment problems related to land use, according to Knopp (1993), who found that streams with high watershed disturbance had D50s of 37 mm or less. Steep channels may flush fine sediment, so flatter reaches of Battle Creek and its tributaries would be more likely to respond to increased sediment load by showing a reduction of D50. Data from Terraqua (2004). See Info Links for more information.

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