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KRIS Battle Creek: Chart Page

Area Basin-wide
Topic Temperature: MWAT at Battle Sites, by Year 1998-2001
Caption:  This chart shows maximum floating weekly average temperature (MWAT) for each site Battle Creek basin with available data in the years 1998-2001. Sites are grouped by stream and are listed in upstream order. Studies have found that spring-run chinook salmon eggs subjected to temperatures of greater than 62F for 7-12 days in the period June 15-30 will experience 100% mortality, as will winter-run chinook salmon eggs in the period September 15-30. Spring-run chinook adults oversummer in freshwater, and if exposed to temperatures over 66.2F they are not able to spawn successfully. Reference values shown in the chart were taken from Armour (1991), Berman (1990; as cited in USFWS 1996), USBR (1991), and CDFG (1998). Data were provided by the California Department of Water Resources. See Info Links for more information.

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