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KRIS Battle Creek: Chart Table Page

Area Basin-wide
Topic Sediment: Surface Fines (<2 mm) Comparison of Battle vs. USFS Sites

Caption:  The Chart Table fines_surf_batt_vs_usfs.dbf contains a summary of results of field work on fine sediment less than 2 mm in Battle Creek at pool tail crests collected as part of the Battle Creek Watershed Assessment and from the U.S. Forest Service. Lassen National Forest = LNF, FS_Managed = Region 5 USFS managed lands, FS_Control = USFS R5 unmanaged watersheds. TR_FINES = Fines less than 2 mm on the surface of pool tail crests of transport reaches (high gradient or confined channels), RES_FINES = fines <2mm in pool tail crests of response reaches. These data comes from the Battle Creek WA Table See Info Links for more information.

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