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KRIS Battle Creek: Chart Table Page

Area Basin-wide
Topic Temperature: MWMT at Battle Sites, by Year 1998-2001

Caption:  The Chart Table "temp_battle_dwr_98_01_mwat_mwmt_streamonly.dbf" was derived from the Source Table tempsum_bat_dwr_98_02.dbf". It contains maximum floating weekly average temperatures by site and year for Battle Creek basin with available data in the years 1998-2001. Sites in canals and powerhouses were excluded from this table. MWAT is the maximum point on floating weekly average topics (FWA) for each individual site, and MWMT is the maximum point on floating weekly maximum topics (FWM) for each individual site. KRIS staff derived the Chart Table using KRIS, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Access. Data were provided by the California Department of Water Resources (DWR). See Info Links for more information. A key to column headings: SUBBASIN = KRIS sub-basin, LOCATION = A short name code for each monitoring station (if a LOCATN_GPS existed it was used or if not then one was created), LOCATN_GPS = A code for each monitoring station (from a spreadsheet of GIS data provided by DWR), ABBREVIATN = A long name code for each monitoring station (used by DWR), SHORTNAME = A short name used for labelling, DESCRIPTN = A narrative description of where the monitoring site is, NOTES = Additional notes (if any) on , LATITUDE = , LONGITUDE = , MWATYYYY_F (ie. MWAT_01_F) = MWAT calculated by KRIS staff for each year in degrees Fahrenheit, MWATYYYY_C (ie. MWAT_01_C) = MWAT calculated by KRIS staff for each year in degrees Celsius, MWMTYYYY_F (ie. MWMT_01_F) = MWMT calculated by KRIS staff for each year in degrees Fahrenheit, MWMTYYYY_C (ie. MWMT_01_C) = MWMT calculated by KRIS staff for each year in degrees Celsius.

 50 rows of a possible 77097 have been displayed.
MBBmth-BattleC@MouthBattle mouthBattle Creek at Mouth-00-68.770.6671.5157.23-20.3921.4821.9614.01-72.3974.8976.7459.96-20.3921.4821.9614.011
MBBJFRBJFRBattleCblJellysFerryRdBattle d/s JellysBattle Creek at Jelly's Ferry Road300 feet downstream from the road bridge.0066.5----19.18----69.3----19.18----2
MBBACOPHBACOPHBattleCabColemanPHBattle u/s Coleman PHBattle Creek above Coleman Powerhouse-40.4045667-122.1208567.7470.2671.9173.9159.319.8621.2622.1723.2915.1771.1174.1474.3778.6462.819.8621.2622.1723.2915.173
MBBbConfBbConfBattleCblNFSFconflBattle d/s NFSF confl.Battle C below Confluence of North and South Fork-40.4258305-122.007851863.2765.936667.156.317.3818.8418.8819.513.566.7470.3671.1472.560.0917.3818.8418.8819.513.55
NFBNFmthBNFmthBattleCNFnrMouthNF Battle mouthNorth Fork Battle Creek near mouth-40.4249615-121.99551961.4464.2664.7165.5457.0716.3517.9218.1718.6213.9363.7168.169.2470.5160.6316.3517.9218.1718.6213.936
NFBWildCDBWildCDBattleCNFWildcatDamNF Battle Wildcat DNorth Fork Battle Creek at Wildcat Dam-40.4216033-121.961492560.6961.9962.0662.455.6615.9216.6716.716.8913.1462.9665.3467.9967.4458.6315.9216.6716.716.8913.147
NFBNFEagCDBNFEagCDBattleCNF@EagleCnynDamNF Battle Eagle Cnyn DNorth Fork Battle Creek below Eagle Canyon Dam-40.4234487-121.920191859.2960.2960.2959.7353.6315.1715.7115.7215.4112.0260.968.262.7961.655.8615.1715.7115.7215.4112.028
NFBNFDig-BattleCNFblDiggerCNF Battle d/s DiggerNorth Fork Battle Creek below Digger Creek-00---59.8953.5---15.511.95---61.855.89---15.511.959
NFBNFbNBFDBNFbNBFDBattleCNF@NBattleFdrDamNF Battle NBattle Fdr DNorth Fork Battle Creek below North Battle Feeder-40.4522825-121.861778758.259.158.7357.2452.0614.5615.0614.8514.0211.1661.6361.1961.1759.3453.9914.5615.0614.8514.0211.1610
NFDigCr-DiggerCatMouthDigger mouthDigger Creek at Mouth-00---57.5354.27---14.1812.37---58.7457.1---14.1812.3710.5
SFBSFmthBSFmthBattleCSFnrMouthSF Battle mouthSouth Fork Battle Creek near mouth-40.4199297-121.994875265.966.2466.4773.2354.9418.8319.0319.1522.9112.7571.6171.672.2680.4158.7718.8319.0319.1522.9112.7511
SFBSFCDBSFCDBattleCSFblColemanDamSF Battle d/s Cole. DSouth Fork Battle Creek below Coleman Dam200 feet below Coleman Dam40.4029333-121.969962.3662.7663.4762.7453.2116.8717.0817.4917.0811.7966.4166.3167.0967.856.6316.8717.0817.4917.0811.7912
SFBSFIPHBSFIPHBattleCSFabInskipPHSF Battle u/s Inskip PHSouth Fork Battle Creek above Inskip Powerhouse100 feet upstream from PH.40.4008833-121.96555-72.1174.3374.8454.8-22.2923.5223.8112.67-77.4978.8179.6659.34-22.2923.5223.8112.6713
SFBSFbInskBSFbInskBattleCSFblInskipDamSF Battle Inskip DSouth Fork Battle Creek below Inskip Dam-40.3949798-121.88427762.0761.2961.7160.6151.9716.7116.2616.515.911.09-65.4965.9965.2955.4616.7116.2616.515.911.0915
SFBSFSPHBSFSPHBattleCSFabSBattlePHSF Battle u/s S Bat PHSouth Fork Battle Creek above South Battle Powerhabout 500 feet above where S. Battle PH water enters SF B40.39545-121.8779667-68.669.3667.852.69-20.3320.7619.8911.49-75.7376.6174.7357.51-20.3320.7619.8911.4917
SFBSFbSBDBSFbSBDBattleCSFblSBattleDamSF Battle d/s SBat DSouth Fork Battle Creek below South Battle Dam-40.3696597-121.802378561.7464.136562.5449.2716.5217.8518.3316.969.5964.7368.9169.9967.6452.2616.5217.8518.3316.969.5918

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