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KRIS Battle Creek: Chart Table Page

Area Mainstem Battle
Topic Habitat: Pool Frequency at Main Battle WA Sites 2001-2002

Caption:  The Chart Table emds_mward_battle_mainstem_2003.dbf contains results of field work at mainstem Battle Creek water quality monitoring sites by Terraqua (2004), which gathered information according to AREMP and EMDS protocols. Channel Type = Rosgen Types, ADR_NONADR = Accessible to Anadromous Fish or not. ELEV = elevation of the aquatic monitoring site. SHEDAREA = Watershed area above monitoring points. RCHLEN = Reach length of aquatic monitoring sites. TRAN_RESP = Transport or response reach per Montgomery and Buffington (1993). BF WIDTH = Bank full width estimation. WD = Width to depth ratio. SINUOSITY = Channel Sinuosity as define by AREMP but using only thalweg points. STRM_SLOPE = local stream gradient as measured with a clinometer on site (no 10 m DEM for automated calculation basin-wide. WOOD_1000 = Pieces of large wood per 1000 m reach. FINES = surface fine sediment in pool tail crests. POOLFSCOUR = Pool frequency of scour pools only. POOLFALL = Pool frequency including all pool types. POOL_RD_AL = Pool residual depth, all pool types, POOL_RD_SC = Residual pool depth of scour pools only, D50 = median particle size of stream bed, FINES = Fines less than 2 mm on the surface of pool tail crests See Info Links for more information.

 50 rows of a possible 3145 have been displayed.
#0045800774474226-12240CASHASTATuscan BuRED BLUFFREDDINGBattle, Mainstem d.s. BaldwinMainstemMainstemInd51-adromous188876------------94-ds Baldwin Cr #004
#030576866.94473494-12240CASHASTATuscan BuRED BLUFFREDDINGBattle, Mainstem u.s. Spring BranchMainstemMainstemInd41Badromous-880484response23.671.5628.91.020.007113.670.620.621.11.110957us Spring Branch #030
#054573635.34472058-12240CASHASTABalls FerRED BLUFFREDDINGBattle, Mainstem downstream CNFH Intake #3MainstemMainstemBLM31Badromous13092529response25.891.5147.81.2360.0063932.496.90746.9070.9150.9155025ds CNFH Intake #054
#046572098.94472025-12240CATEHAMABalls FerRED BLUFFREDDINGBattle, Mainstem d.s. Gover diversionMainstemMainstemCA21Badromous125928486response47.641.96102.211.1130.0006183.210.20590.2061.211.212972ds Grover Div #046
#032569667.94470573-12240CASHASTABalls FerRED BLUFFREDDINGBattle, Mainstem on Bloody IslandMainstemMainstemInd11Badromous105933532response29.081.8241.261.1060.003777.090.75210.7521.1381.138192Bloody Is. #032

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