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KRIS Battle Creek: Chart Page

Area North Fork Battle
Topic Sediment: Percent Fines <2 mm at NF & SF Digger Cr Battle WA Sites
Caption:  This chart shows surface fine sediment (<2 mm) from pool tail crests at Battle Creek Watershed Assessment samples sites along the North Fork and South Fork Digger Creek in 2001-2002. Most sites are in response reaches (light blue), and the only transport reach (site #10) was not measured for fine sediment. Fines were at or near optimal EMDS levels at three sites but higher at two others. Abbreviations are ds = downstream and ab = above. Fine sediment at South Fork sites appears to increase in a downstream direction. Some locations could not be measured for fine sediment because rooted aquatic plants were growing in the substrate of pool tail crests. Data from Terraqua (2004). See Info Links for more information.

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