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KRIS Battle Creek: Chart Page

Area North Fork Battle
Topic Temperature: Min, Max, Avg at North Fork Battle near Mouth, 2001
Caption:  This Chart shows daily minimum, average, and maximum water temperatures at North Fork Battle near its mouth for the year 2001. During the period June 15-30, average temperature exceeded 62F, indicating that winter-run chinook eggs would experience 100% mortality. During the period July 1 to September 14, average temperature exceeded 66.2F, indicating that spring-run chinook adults holding at the site would be unable to successfully spawn. During the period September 15-30, average temperature did not exceed 62F, indicating that the site was suitable for spring-run chinook eggs. Reference values were taken from Armour (1991), Berman (1990; as cited in USFWS 1996b), USBR (1991), and CDFG (1998b). See Info Links for more information.

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